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Recreational Kayak

Utah’s learning to Kayak at the Chattahoochee River park in Roswell this summer – I’m learning how to paddle with him in the kayak. We’ve been out twice so far and only flipped into the water once. Batting 500 is good, right? It’s wet though out there and the water is still quite cold. We’ve made a new friend – Miss Margaret – who’s generously sharing her kayak, life-vest and paddle with us. So sweet of her! Especially since the last time we were out, Utah jumped out of the kayak, then as he tried to jump back into the kayak, he didn’t get back into the kayak all the way. He pulled himself more onto than into the kayak. The boat started rocking as Utah was shaking, then the nerves kicked up. Whoosh! In one quick second we were both in the water. Whew! It wasn’t too deep – maybe four feet deep. Boy, though, it was breath taking cold. While Utah’s still dog paddling and looking at me scared, I pushed him toward the shore. He wouldn’t go. He was making sure I stayed with him. I turned to get the boat, but only in time to see if float downstream away from the shore and all of the people watching our crazy efforts at kayaking.

Miss Margaret handed her phone to a lady standing on the shore and dove into the water to collect her kayak. On shore, Utah’s all about chasing he swans, Canadian geese, and Mallard ducks floating near the boat launch. If Miss Margaret lets us borrow her kayak again, I’ll be surprised. We may have to rent or see how much kayaks are. I know Go With The Flow has kayaks. The adrenalin runs was awesome! I’m sure we were a train-wreck to watch, but it was great fun.

By the time the summer’s over, I hope to have Utah and I are able to kayak for way more than the five minutes we’ve done so far! He’s not as big as this dog, but you get the picture…

I love the suggestion of Cheraw State Park in South Carolina –  we’ll add it to the list of must explore locations!  We’re in the Carolina’s often and the drive from the Atlanta area is totally do-able for a weekend adventure!

Dogs At East Palisades by New Uncle Me via Flicker

Devil’s Stairsteps were also given to me as a suggestion within East Palisades five-mile trail in the Chattahoochee River National Recreation Area . Dogs apparently love it for the access to the water.

Other Georgia suggestions include:

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